Kintell set to launch Smart Health System for your home to improve independent living for over 70s.


London, UK — 24 October 2018 — Kintell (, today announced it will launch a smart health system designed for older users and their families to extend the time people spend living independently in their home whilst also improving their health and well-being.

Kintell empowers users to remain independent and in control, stay healthy, and feel better connected to their family and carers.

With a fresh look and specially designed features for over 70s, Kintell’s voice interactive smart home system is a simple device sold in bundles of 3, 5 and 7 which help with everyday tasks around the home – from reminders for medication to improving your wellbeing and maintaining your physical and mental health.



What the CEO has to say


Aaron Johnston, Kintell co-founder & CEO: ”We worked with our customers to create a simple, empowering and private tool that helps you to age more confidently in your own home. Doctors, friends and family encourage us to change our habits to maintain or extend good health but knowing where to start can be difficult. We believe that home is where the family wants to age and this is where we can start making a real impact on the confidence and ongoing independence of our elderly loved ones. We’re excited to be able to offer the product through our Kickstarter pre-order launch in November as we know our smart health system will help and empower older people and their families to live their most independent lifestyles.”



How it helps:



Kintell offers optional, in-home programs which have been specially designed to keep you healthy. Choose from a range of healthy habit programs, personalised to your needs, from improving hydration to increasing flexibility and mindfulness.



Kintell can set reminders for critical tasks, like taking medication or renewing a prescription.



Kintell keeps you connected with family members and gives loved ones the ability to non-intrusively check-in. There is also an emergency feature which, when triggered, can put you in touch with someone who can help. Uniquely, Kintell offers local communities and organisations the ability to own and loan devices to elderly people in their community who may be isolated and do not have a family to support them.



About the devices:


Kintell can be controlled from within the home by voice interaction, its tactile rubber touchpad or through the mobile app. It is simple to set up and puts the user in control over what information is shared with family and carers.

Kintell’s design is based on extensive feedback from users, incorporating textures, colours, and ergonomics that offer intuitive yet simple to use functionality with a modern design that blends into any home.The devices all have a large touch-pad, audio capabilities, an LED display and an emergency-pull-key.

Simple installation – Kintell connects to your wifi network and is plugged into the mains so doesn’t require batteries and will work as long as there are no power outages.


Availability and pricing

The Kintell smart home system will launch live on Kickstarter the second week of November and will begin shipping in early Q2 2019. The prices for a three-device small home system will be £199, with five and seven device bundles also available for larger homes. Kintell will also offer consumers the ability to gift a two device system to a local community organisation for just £99 as part of its own and loan community programme. Further details will be announced closer to the time of launch via



Key Features

Healthy habit programs – Self-subscribed habit programs help you to extend your independence.

Voice interaction – The device is voice interactive but does not always listen, protecting your privacy

Reminders – Can be used to help stay on top of medications

Nightlight – A sleep-friendly night-light illuminates trip hazards whilst not disturbing the body’s circadian rhythm

Mobile App – Helps you stay connected to your loved ones and them to you.

Motion and temperature sensor – Allows you to non-intrusively check-in.

Emergency Key – Receive immediate care and attention in a crisis

Intercom – For easy in-home communication


About Kintell

Founded in 2017 and based in Cambridge, UK, Kintell is a smart health system for your home to meet the needs of older adults who wish to remain independent in their homes and be in control of their health as they age. Kintell has been created by hands-on co-development and testing with a wide range of dynamic adults over the age of 75. Kintell’s purpose is to empower ageing users to proactively adopt healthy habits which have been scientifically proven to extend the years people spend in good health. In addition to this these habits also help to improve confidence to extend an older person’s overall independence. Kintell was co-founded by Aaron Johnston, Zoe Morgan and Paul Hewitt. Aaron was previously head of product at Tech Will Save Us (another successful Kickstarter and Europe’s “Hardware Startup of the Year”) who create children’s toys which teach the fundamentals of computer coding. He teamed up with Zoe Morgan and Paul Hewitt, who had recently had a successful exit from an elderly care provider; The Good Care Group (rated ‘outstanding’ by the quality care commission).



You can download a PDF version of our press release info here.


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