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How it all started

Kintell was founded in 2017 by Aaron Johnston, Zoe Morgan and Paul Hewitt, after Zoe and Paul’s successful exit from a live-in care company (The Good Care Group). They teamed up with Aaron, who previously created Tech Toys to teach children the basics of coding, to create a device which could change the way we age at home.

We’ve put together this blog to give you a further insight into the minds of our founders, why they made Kintell and what makes them the ideal people to change the future of elderly living.


Aaron Johnston

Aaron’s previous work includes developing the award-winning Mover Kit for Tech Will Save us (Europe’s hardware startup of the year), leading the design of the BBC micro:bit and delivering the successful SBR/iUK Principles of Programming 2 to develop a coding platform for children. Now the CEO and Co-Founder of Kintell, Aaron is combining his experience in innovative tech and design to create the ultimate product that supports elderly living.


Paul Hewitt

Paul is a non-executive chairman and one of the co-founders of Kintell. Following 25 years of experience in finance, Paul has been a non-executive director of 17 businesses and has backed several successful start-ups and early-stage ventures. This includes The Good Care group, an ‘outstanding’ live-in care provider, where Paul and Zoe (another Kintell co-founder) discovered that by the time an older person reaches the need of full-time care, they have missed a point of intervention which would have prolonged their independence. On the back of this realisation, Kintell was born with the ambition to be that early intervention.


Zoe Morgan

Zoe is a non-executive director and one of the co-founders of Kintell. She has previously been a non-executive board director for a handful of successful companies over the last 10 years. Before this, she had 20 years of executive board experience including the Co-op and Boots UK, which were both named the UK’s most trusted retailer for the first time during her tenure. Along with Paul, Zoe also backed the Good Care Group, an ‘outstanding’ live-in care provider where she and Paul discovered the impacts of care and were able to pinpoint the needs of older people, how best to provide them and most importantly when.


If you want to find out more about Kintell and how we’re making a difference, be sure to read this blog post all about us.