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Aaron: CEO & Co-founder

Aaron’s previous work includes developing the award-winning Mover Kit for Tech Will Save us (Europe’s hardware startup of the year), leading the design of the BBC micro:bit and delivering the successful SBR/iUK Principles of Programming 2 to develop a coding platform for children. Now the CEO and Co-Founder of Kintell, Aaron is combining his experience in innovative tech and design to create the ultimate product that supports elderly living.



Joe: Marketing Manager

Joe graduated university with a first class honours degree in business management last year, after producing an award-winning dissertation on corporate social responsibility, sustainability and stakeholders. He joined Kintell as employee number one and has since tailored his expertise to marketing management. Joe is currently leading Kintell’s marketing efforts.



Ben: Head of Product

A multi-award-winning designer, Ben heads product at Kintell. He has over 10 years experience in product design & development as an entrepreneur, member of a start-up team, and within big corporates managing the supply chain from concept to consumer. Having been through two crowdfunding campaigns Ben is familiar with what’s involved in getting a business off the ground.



Rachel: Partnerships and Community

After working with Raspberry Pi, Rachel joined Kintell to help build our community. She works closely with organisations, charities and individuals to build and maintain partnerships. With Rachel’s help, we are also hoping to set up an ‘own-and-loan’ scheme, by making it an option on our Kickstarter page to ‘gift’ a device to the community. Then working closely with organisations and charities to deploy our devices to people who need them.



Emma: Content Creator & Copywriter

Emma is a recent university graduate and aspiring novelist. She is currently writing all of the content we use on our blogs, emails and social media. If you’re entered into our awesome giveaway, chances are – you’ve probably heard from her already!



Edu: User Experience & Design

As a designer, Edu’s mission is to bridge the physical and the digital worlds and to be a translator between humans and machines. He has over 7 years experience working in various industries such as space, science, military, marine, construction, IoT, consumer electronics and toys. He has also been part of various start-ups, helping them make their dreams tangible and deliver on their promises.