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Best for Kids

Pigzbe is a fun, digital piggy bank for your child to learn how to save and manage money. This new adorable little pig toy is a great way to teach your kid about budgeting, sharing and spending money, as well as providing a great incentive for chores and good behaviour! Anyone in the family can add money to your child’s Pigzbe, making it a great tool for keeping families connected. The device uses blockchain to send as little as 5 cents from anywhere in the world, safely and securely, meaning that your child can build up savings without collecting loads of dirty coins.

Pigzbe uses Wollo; a new digital currency designed to make learning about money playful and fun. Buying and exchanging Wollo is simple using the Pigzbe App. You can top up whenever and once their savings goal is reached, it’s easy to change Wollo back into everyday money.

Best for Your Ageing Parents

Kintell is a smart-home companion that supports older people to age independently in their own homes. It uses features that have been developed with experts to enhance elderly living and improve confidence.

Kintell’s unique devices have an emergency alarm feature which sends you an instant SMS if your elderly loved one has a crisis; meaning you can act fast and be reassured that if the alarm isn’t triggered, your loved one is doing fine. In addition to this emergency alarm, the devices also feature tools to support your ageing loved one as they live independently. For example, a downwards-facing, pathfinding nightlight that illuminates trip hazards and reduces the risk of falls during the night, medication reminders and habit programmes to improve health.

Kintell keeps you updated on your loved one’s progress and lets you know if anything changes.

Kintell devices are now available for preorder – find out more here.

Best for Pets

Furbo has created a pet camera that allows you to interact with your dog from anywhere – perfect for the working pup-mum or dad. The Furbo camera lets you see, talk and toss treats to your dog remotely, meaning leaving your pup at home doesn’t necessarily mean leaving them alone. Your dog doesn’t have to be lonely, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing what they’re up to while you’re out – a win-win for everyone. For more information visit Furbo.com.  

Best for Games

Nintendo is well renowned for their family-friendly games consoles and their newest, the Nintendo Switch, does not disappoint. The Switch is a hybrid video game console comprising of the “Switch Console”, the “Switch Dock”, and the “Joy-Con” controllers. It’s essentially a home console that you can take with you on the go – perfect for travelling with the kids or even taking on holiday.

Nintendo has created many family orientated games such as Mario Kart, Mario party and Just dance which are great for a games night in. The Switch is in a similar space as the Nintendo Wii but even better. In a world where technology can often feel like it’s creating a wall between parents and children, this console is a sure fire way to bring the family together and have fun.

Best for New Parents

The Grohush baby calmer is a hand-held white noise tool that only babies can hear. It uses soothing white noise at frequencies adults can’t hear, to calm and relax your baby.

The device was made after a study by institute of obstetrics and Gynaecology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea hospital, London found that 80% of newborns fell asleep within 5 minutes in response to white noise. The Grohush uses different calming sounds including ‘Mother’s heartbeat’, ‘rain on a tin roof’ and ‘ocean waves’ to soothe infants, reduce stress and even reduce colic. The device is also coated in supersoft foam and cotton jersey to comfort baby even further.