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Technology is continually adapting and evolving to help us in places we may never have thought it could. Now, smart technologies are being created that are capable of changing and modifying their behaviour to fit their environment. This allows them to benefit us anywhere – and where better to make use of innovative new tech than in our homes? Smart home technology provides homeowners with security, convenience, comfort and allows them to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Smart home tech is usually controlled via a smartphone or other networked device, where users can remotely control a range of appliances and gadgets to create the perfect home environment. This kind of technology is reforming the way we work, eat, socialise and care for our loved ones. It provides us with new and inventive methods to do things, saving us time and energy to continue with our busy schedules. Below lists eight pieces of smart-home tech that are making waves in the media and changing the way we interact with technology in our day-to-day lives.  

The Amazon Echo Spot

google spot.jpg
The Amazon Echo Spot is the new compact Echo speaker with a screen – Amazon’s answer to making their home speakers more stylish. Not long ago, the Amazon smart-speakers were novelties but are now almost a household essential, being found in 40% of homes in the UK, and this new upgrade is the smallest and arguably best-looking version so far. You can get this little gadget to do a bunch of tasks, just by asking it. Like the other Amazon smart speakers, if you need to know the weather or how long a journey will take, simply say ‘Alexa’ and then ask your question. It can also send updates and reminders to your smart-phone so even when you’re not at home; this little spot can help you out. The new design makes it more versatile, suiting most rooms and the large screen makes it ideal for cookery tutorials in the kitchen. This little gadget has a multitude of talents and features to help out in every home, making it one of the top new releases in the smart-home sector this year. To find out more about the echo dot, read reviews or even purchase your own, visit Amazon.  

The Ring Doorbell 2

ring doorbell.jpg
The Ring Doorbell is an innovative way to keep door-steppers at bay, giving you the means to answer your door from anywhere; whether that be at work or snuggled on the sofa. In addition to allowing you to see exactly who is on your doorstep via a video stream to your mobile, the ring doorbell will enable you to communicate directly with the person at your door, making deliveries easier and less time-consuming. The doorbell features a removable, rechargeable battery meaning installation is as easy as just drilling it into place. Then simply connect the device to your Wi-Fi, and it’s ready to go. To find out more about the Ring Doorbell or buy one yourself, you can visit Ring’s website here.  

August Smart-lock

Your smart-home should start at your front door, and the people at August have created the perfect smart-lock to give you peace of mind and keyless access to your home. They have devised a technological solution which is used as your front door lock, which allows you to keep tabs on your door remotely via a smartphone app. It also gives you the opportunity to give friends and family access to your home without having to provide them with a physical set of keys – and who hasn’t lost a set of keys before? (nobody!) Find out more about August, their smart-locks and other products by visiting their website.  

The Nest Learning Thermostat

Energy waste causes environmental damage, global warming and higher bills but what if there was a piece of smart home technology that could reduce energy waste AND save you money? The Nest Learning Thermostat is precisely what you’re looking for. It learns from its environment and can make sure that your house is your favourite temperature whenever you’re home, and when you’re not in, it minimises energy usage and saves you money. Nest claims that 60% of your energy bill is controlled by your thermostat and says that it has helped save over 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide. The device comes in a range of colours from copper to stainless steel so that it fits in with everyone’s home décor and its easily set up by one of Nest’s installers. To find out more information about the Nest Learning thermostat visit their website; Nest.com.  

The Smarter Fridgecam

Just like wasting energy, food waste is becoming a growing concern regarding environmental damage. It’s been estimated that the UK throws away over £13 billion worth of food each year, leading to an enormous carbon footprint and less money in our wallets. The Smarter Fridgecam has a best-before tracker allowing you to use products before they expire, meaning you eat them at their best and cut down on waste. The Fridgecam enables you to see inside your fridge from anywhere, meaning you always know what you have in and what you need to buy. The average UK household wastes £700 worth of food each year, the Fridgecam helps eliminate the growing problem of food waste at home and is much cheaper than a smart fridge at only £149.99. Find out more about the Smarter Fridgecam, or buy your own, by visiting the Smarter website.  

Ecobee Switch+

The Ecobee Switch+ is the smarter light switch with built-in Amazon Alexa. It allows you to control your home lighting hands-free, using voice interaction, from around the house – handy for walking in with arms full of shopping or when you forget to turn the light off before bed. The fact that it is paired with your Alexa means that you can now speak to your Amazon smart-speaker from anywhere in the home – you can simply ask the light switch to play your music or help with everyday tasks. The devices are easy to install and can help save you energy with their occupancy detectors – switching off lights when you aren’t home. If you want to find out more about the Ecobee switch+ then visit their website by clicking here.  

The Furbo Pet Camera

Smart-home tech needn’t leave out our four-legged friends. Furbo has created a pet camera that allows you to interact with your dog from anywhere – perfect for the working pup-mum or dad. The Furbo camera lets you see, talk and toss treats to your dog remotely, meaning leaving your pup at home doesn’t necessarily mean leaving them alone. Your dog doesn’t have to be lonely, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing what they’re up to while you’re out – a win-win for everyone. For more information visit Furbo.com.  

The Wink Hub 

Now you have all these smart-devices working independently around your home, the only thing you’re missing is something to bring them all together. To seamlessly link all your devices to be controlled via a straightforward app, the Wink Hub 2 is the ideal piece of technology to connect your smart-home. A slim, sleek design makes it almost invisible in a modern home, with the potential to link all your smart-devices, from plugs to light bulbs and even your front door. You’ll be able to control your entire house from anywhere – if you forget to turn your straighteners off or want some extra hot water for when you get home, then this is the device for you. For more information on the Wink Hub 2, visit the Wink website.   These pieces of tech are just the beginning!  The revolution is happening in the realm of smart-home technology and the advances being made today will change how we live tomorrow. From preparing meals to caring for our loved ones, smart-tech will be bringing solutions to almost all the problems we face in suburbia and beyond. Kintell is a start-up which has focused its efforts on creating an easier and friendlier way to care for our ageing loved ones. Growing older needn’t mean a loss of independence if you have smart technology on your side. Our devices are made to sit around the home and provide older people with entertainment, socialisation, security and confidence to live independently. To find out more visit Kintellhome.com.