Aging well
begins at home.

Kintell’s smart health system keeps active adults healthier, happier and at home longer.

Let’s make the golden years
… our greatest years

Remain Independent

Aging doesn’t happen overnight. Kintell helps build and maintain healthy habits to keep you in the comfort of home for longer.

Be Reassured

Rely on Kintell to conveniently set reminders for critical tasks like taking medication or picking up your prescription.

Keep Connected

Kintell keeps you safe and connected to loved ones. When needed, there is even an emergency feature that can put you in touch with help.

Designed with your needs in mind

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Smart & personalized features that adapt with changing needs

Healthy Habit Programs

Are self-subscribed and help to extend independence


Can be used to help stay on top of taking medication and refilling prescriptions


A downwards facing nightlight illuminates trip hazards

Emergency Key

Receive immediate care and attention in a crisis


For easy in-home communication

Mobile App

Helps you stay connected to you loved ones and them to you.

Voice interactive

The device doesn’t listen unless you press the button


Allow loved ones to non-intrusively check-in.

Alarm clock

An intuitive alarm clock that, if snoozed, can reschedule your day’s habit programs