Ageing well
begins at home.

Kintell’s smart-health system keeps active seniors healthier, happier and at home longer.


A Smart Health Device for Seniors

Kintell takes a proactive approach to ageing. Designed alongside ageing experts, Kintell was built to help active seniors develop and maintain good health which is critical in ageing safely, independently, and confidently in the comfort of home. We think of it as “ageing smarter.”


Personalized Support
What you need, when you need it

Medication Reminders

Visual and auditory reminders help your loved one stays on top of taking medication and refilling prescriptions.


Microphone and dual-speeaker output enables effortless communication between separate rooms in the home.

Emergency Notifications

Detaching the emergency key instantly notifies loved ones in case of a crisis.

Alarm Clock

An intuitive alarm clock that, if snoozed, can reschedule your day’s habit programs.

Healthy Habits

Self-subscribed healthy habit programs support and encourage the development of personal routines that can extend time spent living independently.


Activated by light and motion sensors, the nightlight helps to illuminate trip hazards.

Voice Interaction

Control Kintell with the power of your voice. For privacy reasons, the device doesn’t listen unless you wake it.

Mobile App

Kintell’s data and insights can be securelely and selectively shared with members of a care circle.

How it works

Use the Kintell app to setup and configure the devices in the home.

The alarm clock can be snoozed using voice interaction and will automatically reschedule the day’s healthy habits program if needed.

Wake a device by pressing the button. Simply speak to a device to use it.

If the plastic key on top of the device is disconnected your emergency contacts will be notified immediately.

"Kintell makes it easy to keep an eye on mom without being overbearing or worrying her."

Denise M.
Cambridge, UK

"I love that there are no fiddly buttons - I just tell it what I need help with. It's changed life at home!"

Daniel H.

Healthy habits are fundamental to good health.

“By exercising control over a few healthy habits, people can live longer, healthier lives and slow the process of ageing.”

Albert Bandura
Professor Emeritus of Social Science in Psychology
Stanford University


Know More.
Worry Less.

The Kintell app makes it easy to stay informed about your ageing parent’s wellbeing. Around the clock in-home monitoring delivers clear, concise, and intelligent data to help you keep track of the things that matter most. 

Have more than one caregiver? No problem, Kintell’s insights can be securely and selectively shared with members of a care circle to ensure that all loved ones are in-touch and at ease.


Choose The Kit That Fits

To maximise ease and accessibility, we recommend placing one Kintell device in each room. Unlock all of Kintell’s features when you purchase more than one device.

How many do I need?

Create the setup that suits your unique needs. Buy the first unit for the bedroom then add additional devices for other rooms. We recommend 3 units as a starting package so that you can get the most out of our services and features.

Our standard home recommendation:

At a minimum we recommend:

  • One base unit in the bedroom – for use as an alarm clock and in the case of a night time emergency.
  • One unit in the kitchen
  • One unit in the living room.

*All device require an internet connection and mains power.

Payment and Shipping

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You’ll be asked for your card details to secure your device and discount but you won’t be charged until your devices ship in the Summer (2019). You can also change or cancel your order anytime for free.


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